Two Thousand And Tensnake

This guy from Hamburg is Marco Niemerski, but you might know him for his House/Funk/Disco productions he releases under his alias Tensnake. He started releasing his records in 1999 as Marc Moureau. That led to sounds like these. And here’s a nice video too:

His next EP is coming out onPermanent Vacation, probably somewhere in January. One of the tracks on it is called Need Your Lovin’:
Need Your Lovin’ (Full Vocal Mix) / snippet by Tensnake


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Canned Heat from Sweden.

Nice initiative in Tilburg, Holland. Three friends decided to give boost to a the local techno scene by setting up a few gigs. All goes under the name of Klub Tilt and they’re inviting some impressive names, which results in impressive parties. Last edition featured a live set by Kollektiv Turmstrasse, and now they managed to invite Stockholm heavyweight Özgür Can.

Özgür Can started producing back in 1996, of course it was just a hobby. Things got serious somewhere between 2003 and 2004. At the moment he’s been working with Armada, Ministry of Sound and now he has his own label, My Disco Preset. The latest news: He’s making an album. “I’ve started many albums over the years but I never quite nailed it, so the tracks always went out as singles over the years. But i think I’m finally ready for an album and I’m super excited about that!”

Can is one of the producers who always have their own distinguished sounds. His answer to the question if he could define his own sound (‘the question everyone hates to answer because no one wants to get labeled’, yes that’s his quote): “I can’t really describe my music, I’m not even going to try. Let’s just say it’s somewhere between deep house and techno, imagine the possibilities..” Good answer, don’t start imagining just yet. Have a listen first:
Özgür Can – Neon Sky (SoundCloud Edit) by ozgurcansthlm
Özgür Can – My Disco Sessions 001 by ozgurcansthlm

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Chamber of Secrets.

This is not a post about a geeky looking figure flying broomsticks and fighting some obscure noseless guy.

Meet Cardiff based producer Lawrence Whitehead. He is nineteen years young, studies Creative Music Technology and produces/plays music under the name Tolerance. That’s not all. “I also serve coffee to grannies in order to fund my excessive vinyl/equipment spending, not forgetting my over-indulgent eating habits.”

If you want to place his music in a genre, Dubstep and Drum and Bass would be it, But forget about roaring basslines and snaredrums that will shuffle up your stomach. His music is (also) very granny-friendly. On his myspace he writes: “I don’t design these tunes for dance-floors, often resulting in the outcome sounding as though it would be appropriate listening material when overcoming a hang-over, rather than on a night out.” Enough with the tease, here’s his latest, a great track:
Chamber Of Secrets by Tolerance
You can also pick up an older mix he did. According to Tolerance, there’s a lot more talent coming from his home town. “I would recommend checking out people such as Dan Marshall, Lung, KSZZ, Maxx Roach and Magenta if you’re interested in hearing some fine d&b/dubstep.”

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Dance little mama.

Like so many kids, Minneapolis youngster Charley Pugmire started playing the guitar in his early teen years. His first encounter with actual music production happened when he was fifteen, at a friend’s party. “I ended up staying in the basement during most of the party just fooling around with sounds, and I was hooked after that.”

Almost ten years later, there’s no trace of him plucking guitars. He now is 24 and his artist name changed to Tyler Hampton. His productions are supported by Pete Tong and Deadmau5 just to name a few. His sound is influenced by musicians like Rene Amesz, Fedde le Grand and D. Ramirez.

Hampton’s next release ‘Lil’ Mama’ is about to be released on PBR Recordings, the label of MC Flipside. Vocals are provided by King James. A release date is not known yet, but it will probably be before the end of this year. Luckily, the track can already be heard here:
Tyler Hampton – Lil Mama (Original Mix) by tylerhampton
No free downloads though. Like the bigger part of musicians selling their stuff on beatport he’d add: “If you honestly love and appreciate dance music, download it legally.” But here’s a promo mix to arm your ipod anyway, enjoy..

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Something nice and easy.

Justin Laberge is a 22-years-old House producer from Vancouver, Canada. His sample based productions, some of them released on local Solid Bump Records, will probably remind you of those early French Cassius, Stardust or Superfunk sounds..

It probably figures, when asked for a small bio his response came down to: ‘vinyl records! vinyls forever!’.. Here’s one of his latest, a Daft Punk remix that would do absolutely no harm to a late night afterparty.
Daft Punk – Something about us (Laberge edit) by laberge
Eyes and ears open, he’s releasing something fresh real soon..

Exclusive little extra.
Thanks to a friend this came to Jackplug: Les Chinois. Not French nor Chinese, these two young musicians come from Holland and this might be the only thing you’ll ever hear from them. Which is too bad really, here’s some proof:
Les Chinois – Too Small by Jackplug

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Sweet Seventeen.

The hype machine is rattling as more Sky Ferreira material is popping up on the internet. This L.A.-girl is 17, ambitious, backed up by some hot European producers (Who happen to be part of Miike Snow) and her skills are being compared to those of Mariah Carey (and probably Gaga, Madonna, Hannah Montana and so on for miles of corny equasions.)

Enough already. This one production actually sounds good, kinda sounds like Aeroplane which is a big plus. Stevie Nicks fans might not necessarily like this cover, but it’s a stable production. Gotta thank Skeet Skeet for this as he posted it first. He also made a nice Beatles vs. Dr. Dre Mashup together with young Ferreira, which appeared simultaneously on the internet with this Stevie Nicks cover:
Sky Ferreira – Stand Back (Stevie Nicks Cover) by Jackplug
Sky Ferreira promises her upcoming album to be a ‘Revolutionary pop album’. ‘Revolutionary’ and ‘pop(ular)’, contradiction? No judgements just yet. She’s off on a good start, so let’s hear the album first.

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Thinking of Scandinavia and House Music, the first thing that pops in your head is probably Swedish House Mafia or Eric Prydz. Great, but maybe you should forget those guys for a few minutes. Their neighbours know how to raise quite a party themselves, you know..
27-year-old Norwegian David Sense (Bjørnar Davidsen on his passport) is one of those neighbours to look out for. At the moment he has worked with Mark Knight’s Toolroom Records and Ministry of sound. He also has his own label Wooferfood Records.

Of course he produces his own tracks. Heavy yet skillfully mastered beats, minimal use of synths and not too much vocal nonsense. Great club material. Here’s one of his latest:
David Sense – Ho-Ya by davidsense
This one is a live radio recording. A bit older, but definitely worth checking and also for download on his Soundcloud:
David Sense Forza Session 002 – August 2009 128k by davidsense
Keep an eye out for this man, definitely worth the effort.

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